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Hiring a Builder? What to Look For & What to Avoid

We’ve all heard the disaster stories. People being ripped off by dodgy Builders, homes left half built or not to satisfactory building standards. It is these conmen that give the building industry a bad name and put people off building altogether.

However, as long as you do your homework at the start, you can rest easy knowing that your dream home, is in the safe hands of an industry expert right from the start.



Reputation & Recommendations

Incredible Builders have equally incredible reputations. Good word of mouth makes or breaks any custom home industry professional, so look for custom home Builders whose reputations precede them positively.

Contact Past Clients

Contacting previous clients is an invaluable source of information when selecting your home builder. Being able to talk openly with previous clients about their building experience, will give you a much better understanding of whether this is the right choice of Builder for you.

  • Did they complete the Project on Time? If not why?
  • Did they complete the Project on Budget? If not why and how much was due to client changes and how much was due to other factors?
  • Is the workmanship of High Quality? Can we see your project?
  • Did they keep the job site tidy and safe?
  • Were the tradesmen professionals?
  • How quickly did they respond to communications and problems?
  • How did they track and share project information?

Are they a Registered Builder?

It’s against the law for an unlicensed Builder to carry out structural works in Queensland. You can check a Builder is licensed and their registration is current by jumping on the QBCC – Queensland Building & Construction Commission Website. 

Here is a quick link:

You’ll be asked to enter the Builder’s registered trading name or the Builder’s license number. This process will only take a couple of minutes to complete and you will have the results immediately.


Over-Promising & Under-Delivering

Don’t wait until after you’ve already started working with a Builder to find out that they over promise and under deliver. This is a sign of poor project management.

Ask them how many of their projects are completed on time.

If they don’t give a clear answer, dig deeper to find out what their building processes are.

Listen for clues

A strong, experienced Builder will probably tell you exactly how they manage client expectations and ensure projects are on time and within budget.

Trust your instincts

You probably have a sense of whether or not something sounds too good to be true. 

Quality custom home Builders will not lie or exaggerate just to get your business. Find a Builder who will tell you the truth, even when it may not be want you are wanting to hear.

Unrealistic Timelines

Avoid Builders with unrealistic timelines. Projects don’t always go as planned. Weather considerations, holidays, and unexpected issues come up all the time. If the timeline seems too short, ask questions.

Cost Plus Contracts

Don’t fall for this old trick. Make sure you get a detailed fixed price quote so that you know exactly how much your dream home will cost up front.

For more in-depth, detailed information on Selecting a Luxury Custom Home Builder, download our Free Guide –