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1. Do you have a Builders License?

Yes, Albury Projects has a Builders License, our license number is: 1047586. All registered Builders have a Builders license and should be able to produce one for you to see. You can do a license check via the Queensland Building & Construction Commission over the internet.

2. What insurances do you use throughout construction?

All Builders must have insurance. Albury Projects takes out Home Warranty Insurance through the Queensland Building & Construction Commission prior to starting contract work. We also have Public Liability Insurance and Building Works Cover.

3. Can I produce my own plans for the Builder to price?

Yes, we will price owner supplied plans subject to proof of copyright ownership.

4. What level of experience do you have and do you have experience in building custom designed homes?

Albury Projects was created by myself, Steve Albury in 2004. I have over 26 years of experience in the Building Industry and a passion for custom builds, please see our photo gallery of previous work completed. We pride ourselves on achieving stunning results for our customers every time we build.

5. Once I enter into the building contract, will there be any change to the price?

We use a Master Builders or ABIC fixed price contract which guarantees that the price wont change, subject to any adjustments to provisional sum or prime cost items or any variations you wish to make during the construction process.

6. Will I be allowed to make changes during construction and will there be any additional variation fees?

Yes, of course you can make changes during construction. If a variation is agreed to by both parties, as per the contract terms and conditions, Albury Projects will arrange costing of the variation and supply the owners with a written quote. This quote will include the cost, plus builder’s markup and a $150 administration fee. This administration fee is charged for quoting the variation and additional administration work required to process the variation.

Please note all variations have to be accepted in writing by the owner before the variation works will take place.

7. What are Provisional Sum and Prime Cost items and will there be any included in my contract?

A provisional sum is an allowance for any work that cannot be finalised prior to signing of the contract. Provisional sum allowances are generally used for items such as earthworks etc where the possibility of hitting rock or water etc cannot be predetermined. The provisional sum cost includes supply of all materials and labour to carry out the works.

A Prime Cost item is an allowance for an item only eg if the owners have not finalised their selections for such items as appliances etc a primary cost allowance will be allocated. All other costs are fixed.

8. Will I be able to contact past clients to hear about their building experiences with Albury Projects and see some examples of previous homes built?

We are more than happy to provide you with a list of recently completed homes for you to have a look at and arrangements can be made for you to talk personally with our past clients to discuss their positive building experience with us.

9. What are the payment terms?

Once an invoice has been issued, as per contract terms and conditions, payment is required within a 7 day period to ensure the smooth running of the project and no delays.

10. Who will the payments be made payable to?

All payments will be made to Albury Projects Pty Ltd.

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