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Choosing an Interior Pool Colour Can Be Difficult

With a huge variety of pool colours to choose from, selecting the perfect pool colour can be a very tricky process. Selecting a pool colour usually comes down to personal taste, however there’s a number of things you need to consider when making your decision. Pool colours can appear very different depending upon many elements including the weather, the colour of the sky, the time of day, viewing angle and depth of the pool water etc. Let’s have a look at the difference between light and dark tiles and what you need to consider before making your colour choice.

Light Tiles

Create light ice blue, crystal clear water, which can look very enticing.

Tends to make the pool look bigger in size. 

The lighter coloured water will be extremely clear and draw your eye to the bottom of the pool, so you will notice settled debris fairly easily. 

Will reflect the sunrays and a cooler water temperature may result. Potential for glare 

Light coloured pools tend to look better with dark pool surrounds eg dark decking, stone, granite or tiles etc. 

Remember that the water in the pool can reflect the sky, so if it’s a really sunny day your white pool may look ‘bluer’ than normal.

Please see the picture below:

We built this pool for our clients at Eatons Hill. The pool was tiled with pearl white glass mosaics.

Dark Tiles

Create a bluer water than the actual tiles 

Reflect the pool surrounds and create a mirror like effect 

Tend to make the pool look smaller in size 

The darker coloured water will make it harder to see debris on the bottom of the pool 

Will increase your water temperature by 2 to 3 degrees. 

Dark coloured pools tend to look better with light pool surrounds eg light decking, stone, granite or tiles 

Dark pool colours also look fantastic surrounded by lush tropical gardens

Please see the picture below:

This pool has been tiled with dark blue tiles.

As well as taking these things into consideration it is also import to consider what you are wanting to create. Do you want a natural lagoon, tropical oasis or modern and chic look. Whatever end result look you are trying to achieve, will also definitely help guide your colour choices.